What is the Rock? An Analysis of Matthew 16:18

A correct hermeneutic strives for an “analysis of the plain meaning of words in their literary and historical contexts.” (Moore, The Hermeneutic of Historical Distance). It is essential that the Bible student keep before him a sound philosophy of interpretation when examining any passage, especially when that passage is difficult or controversial. Someone who forces his own denominational or religious ideals on the text of Scripture is not being a workman who “correctly handles the Read more [...]

Which Jesus ?

Now days the Christian Church is facing one of the biggest battles of it’s time. Slowly some Churches and some ministries are not preaching the truth. They try to make the Gospel as soft as they can so that the sinner will some how stay in their church. Now. Here is my question. If you preach a wrong Jesus and represent the wrong Jesus- will the person hearing that message get saved? I would honestly say no. You might ask, why not. Remember that Jesus asked "Who do you say that I am?"(Mk 8.27-35) If Read more [...]

How to recognize a healthy Church?

Here are some ways that you can recognize a healthy well-balanced church. 1) A right understanding of the BIBLEThe good church will be correct in its belief about the Bible. It will believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. God has spoken! He has not left mankind to grope about in the dark searching for the truth. He has given mankind an infallible written revelation of Himself and the way of salvation. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for Read more [...]